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Danne Montague King (DMK ) is a therapeutic skincare line and it is available only through DMK educated Skincare therapist. All DMK products are personally prescribed by a DMK professional, this ensures that every consumer uses the appropriate DMK products for their skin. 

DMK terms and conditions restrict the online sale of DMK products. You can only view the product. To purchase the DMK skincare products, you have to be receiving a DMK treatments at 818 Skincare Studio.

We are an authorized stockist of the complete DMK product range. All products are available to order with the Skincare Therapist who has consulted and treated you with DMK Skin Revision and products.

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Actrol Powder

What is it?
Actrol Powder is an antibacterial powder specifically formulated to absorbs oil by removing the excessive shine promoted by oil production. By eliminating the moist, damp environment in which bacteria thrives, blemishes are reduced. Actrol Powder is very healing, soothing and has anti-inflammatory properties without dehydrating the skin.

Who is it for?
Sensitive skin, oily skin, acne prone skin

Actrol Powder
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