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DNA Damage Control-How to prevent it?

DNA damage can occur during exposure to environmental exposure such as UV radiation, cell phone, computer screens and toxic pollution as well as normal aging process. Our cell can reverse or repair the damage, when our cell are not successful, it can lead to various aging processes and diseases.

Antioxidant are skin-saving ingredients to protect the cells from environment aggressors however DNA enzyme repair- DMK Enzyme Therapy should be our center focus. Our body naturally produces these enzymes but as we turn 30, it starts to taper off.

Studies from the National Institute of Health have shown that topically applied DNA repair enzyme help reverse damage from UV exposure, making skin appear more youthful.


DMK Skin Revision

Skin Revision facial treatment is a process and a journey. Skin Revision utilize the benefits of hormone like messenger to work with the underlying structures of the skin to improve your overall skin function. The skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner by educating it. The range of unique enzyme treatments focus on what the skin really respond to rather than merely acting on it. True oxygen therapy begins inside the skin and the treatment is a well known for their plasmatic oxygen enriching abilities. The Plasmatic Effect is when you can see the capillaries opening, pumping more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin as well as carrying away impurities. The Oxygen Therapy from inside-out! How and Why Enzymes work;Enzymes are natural biological catalyst-

  • Hydrolyze Dead Cells

  • Increase Oxygenation

  • Increase Cellular Activity

  • Encourage New Collagen and Elastin Formation

  • Detoxifies the skin

The Skin Revision resolves conditions like

  • Acne

  • Aging

  • Pigmentation

  • Scarring

Its AMAZING how much your skin can make a difference when it is treated correctly. Our Skin Revision is EXTREMELY nourishing which can be exactly what your skin really needs to help kick start it back on the healing track!

  • 💧Providing supreme hydration to skin suffering from TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss)

  • 💧Dehydrated skin prone to inflammation

  • 💧Prevents premature aging

  • 💧Assists in protecting the skin against harmful free radicals and environment stress

Skin Revision treatment is designed to work with your internal function and structure of your skin. It is effective in treating skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, premature aging rosacea and among others. Skin Revision ingredients complement your body's chemistry so it reacts in a positive manner to work with your skin

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