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Double Cleansing should be your best friend.

Updated: Oct 6, 2023


If you have skin, you're it! Everyone can benefit from double cleansing at night before going to bed whether you are a minimalist or not. It will make a difference, nighttime skincare routine is crucial for regenerating your skin and obtaining optimal skin health.Your skin heals and regenerate at night due to your Circardian rhythms. If you have normal or dry skin, gentle cleansing once is sufficient or just rinse your skin to freshen up but you do need to protect it with antioxidant such as DMK Beta Gel, Direct Delivery Vitamin C and sunscreen.

Double cleansing with DMK Cleanser products
Cleansing your face

Step One: Cleanse
Step Two: Cleanse again.

Why do I need to double cleanse my skin?

While cleansing your skin twice sounds redundant, it is an integral part of your home regimen towards a healthy skin.

The first step of the cleansing is to remove dirt, makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants such as ROS from the car exhausts from the day.

The second step of the cleansing is to prepare you for your skin to take an advantage of the nutrients that comes from the rest of your products to follow. Even if you don't wear makeup or go out, it is advisable to get that deeper cleanse to remove the sweat, oil that your body produces.

What type of cleanser should I use?

Depending on your skin type, let us customize your double cleansing experience.

Things to consider:

  • Let's call it a triple cleanse! Make sure to wash your hands before you double cleanse your face.

  • Makeup wipes do not count as a first cleanse.

  • If you use a cleansing device, make sure to use it on the 2nd cleanse.

  • Be mindful of your water temperature especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • Pat dry your face and do not wipe!

Are you ready to join the Skin Fitness Club member to get your customized cleansing experience?

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