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Preventing Damages during Summertime

Updated: May 22

Summer means fun filled outdoor activities such as the beach and the pool. Excessive heat, sea salt, chlorinated water and UV rays can leave our skin vulnerable and may strip our skin of its moisture and deplete antioxidants. You did all the right things such as slathering sunscreen, wear a wide brimmed hat, avoided the piercing hot sun on the hottest time of the day yet you still ended up with some unwelcoming memories of those beautiful day spent under the sun-dark spots and or sunburn.

Our melanocytes are our second defense against UV damage. It is critical not to create vulnerability on your skin especially during the Summer. Using the appropriate topical skincare products will support the skin through this season.

Did you know ? UV rays contribute to 90 percent of the skin's aging and the leading cause of skin cancer. Using antioxidant rich topical serum and moisturizer protect the skin from harsh UV rays.

Lets approach and commit to ourselves the skincare regimen that will protect and prevent our skin during this Summer month.

The key to healthy, radiant skin in the summer is keeping it cool, hydrated and protected.

We recommend booking a monthly treatment designed to reduce the oxidative damage and maintain hydration by replenishing lost moisture, and give the skin necessary nutrients to lessen the overall effects of Summer.

At home, we would prescribe formulas that will nourish, cool and give the skin, a burst of hydration. We recommend a gentle lighteners, mineral based sun protection, hydration mist, powerful antioxidant serums and moisturizer.


Favorite Serum for the Summer and all year round.



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