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Skins Daily Habits to a healthy skin

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Slough It Off!

It is important to do a facial exfoliation to help eliminate impurities, minimize pores, eliminating roughness to reveal a smoother-looking complexion. Regular exfoliation is a must to reveal smooth, supple skin from head to toes.

There are myriads of exfoliation that gently remove dead skin. Whether your skin call for enzymes, chemical peels, manual scrub, or ultrasonic skin device to get you glowing. One path to healthy skin is combining synergistic treatments at the studio and at-home protocols.

Exfoliation benefits:

  • By improving skin tone and texture

  • Help regulate the cellular turnover

  • Help penetrate active ingredients for optimal results

  • Improve the absorption of your serums, moisturizer and makeup application

  • Enhancing circulation

  • Improving the overall health of the skin

Over exfoliating or using the wrong exfoliant for your skin can have unintended consequences. Most often, we tend to choose an exfoliant that are too aggressive for home use which disrupt our skin barrier function and exacerbated inflammatory conditions.

Are you using a physical scrub? Do you know what is in your facial scrub?

Let's breakdown the ingredients of your facial scrub.

  • Avoid facial scrub ingredients containing crushed nut shells or fruit pits.

  • It may cause a micro-tear on your skin due to its sharp edges which may pose an issue with long term use.

  • Microbeads are perfect round beads usually made from plastic that are added to your physical scrub except, they are not good for the environment like the Ocean.

  • Avoid exfoliating scrub more than 2-3x per week

  • Avoid exfoliating scrub altogether if you have Acne or Sensitive skin.

Pro Tip:

Chemical exfoliants such as Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Salicylic Acid are a better approach to exfoliate your skin. Fruit enzyme like Bromelain, Papain are amazing for sensitive skin. Or the most gentlest and effective exfoliant is the Ultrasonic spatula.


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